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Questions to ask Estate Agents

Finding the perfect home or selling your current one can be an exhilarating journey. However, in the midst of excitement, it's easy to overlook crucial details. Your Estate Agent is a valuable ally throughout this process, and asking the right questions when initially finding an Estate Agent, or arranging a house valuation or viewing, ensures a seamless and satisfying experience. Whether you're selling or buying, here are some key questions to consider.

Frequently asked questions for Estate Agents

For Home Sellers

1. What is the expected timeframe for selling my home?

Armed with market expertise, your Estate Agent can provide insights into how long it might take to sell your unique property. Understanding the timeline helps you plan accordingly.

2. What are the terms of the contract?

Clear communication with your Estate Agent is essential. Different agents have different contract terms, so ensure you discuss and comprehend all aspects. A good agent tailors the contract to meet your specific needs.

3. How quickly will my property be listed on the market?

A proactive Estate Agent will efficiently handle all marketing aspects, from photography to property advertising. With a robust network of potential buyers, your agent might already have a match for your home, streamlining the selling process.

4. How much is my property worth?

Determining your property's value involves a comprehensive analysis of local market trends, recent sales, and your home's unique features. Find an experienced Estate Agent who can provide an accurate and competitive assessment, ensuring you make informed decisions about your property's value.

5. What is an EPC?

An experienced Estate Agent will help you understand the significance of an EPC (an Energy Protection Certificate). They will explain that, by law, you need to have at least applied for an EPC before listing your property. If you already possess one, it might still be valid for up to 10 years. Your Estate Agent will guide you through the details of the certificate, interpreting its implications for potential buyers.

For Home Buyers

1. What is the neighbourhood like for living?

One of the best reasons for choosing a local Estate Agent like DABORACONWAY, is that they will know the area well. And, local agents can provide valuable insights into local amenities, transport links, schools, and recreational options. Make sure the neighbourhood aligns with your lifestyle.

2. Can the Estate Agent help with negotiating an offer?

When it's time to make an offer, a skilled Estate Agent can guide you through the negotiation process. Leveraging their market knowledge, they help you make informed decisions, ensuring you secure your dream home at the right price.

3. If I make home improvements, how much value will it add?

Whether you're planning small enhancements or significant renovations, your agent can advise on potential value additions. This information is invaluable, especially if you're considering properties with renovation potential.

4. Why is the property being sold?

A local high-street Estate Agent should be aware of the seller's circumstances, helping you understand if the sale is due to a job relocation, downsizing, or other personal factors. This knowledge can provide context to the viewing and negotiation process.

5. What exactly is included in the property sale?

The inclusions in a property sale can vary. Your Estate Agent, especially a local expert like DABORACONWAY, will detail what's part of the deal. This typically covers fixtures, fittings, and sometimes appliances. Clarifying this ensures you're fully aware of what you're getting and can negotiate effectively.

Choose the right Estate Agent

From selling your property to finding your dream home, a high street local Estate Agent is a helpful guide throughout your journey. Communication is key, and by asking these important questions you will ease the stress of moving.

If you are selling your home, your agent will not only help prepare you in advance for viewings, but provide you with an honest and marketable house price.

If you are looking to sell, and want to find out how much your house is worth, get a house valuation with us today! 

Posted on: 1 December 2023


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