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How the market is warming up for landlords in 2024

Whether you’re an experienced landlord looking for new investment opportunities or looking to take your first steps to becoming a landlord, the market is looking promising as we settle into 2024. Let’s look at how the rental market is shaping up and how you can benefit from it as a landlord.

Rental prices are on the rise

One of the main reasons you should be feeling optimistic as a landlord is that rent prices are predicted to continue rising. According to Zoopla’s rental index, average rental prices increased by 9.7% across 2023, increasing income for landlords. It is predicted that average rent prices will increase by a further 5% this year, further maximising return on investment for landlords, who could use this added income to expand their portfolio or make improvements to their existing properties.

Mortgage rates have decreased

More positive news for landlords is the recent announcement that mortgage rates have decreased, making property investment more affordable. These days, it’s possible to get a 5-year fixed-rate mortgage below 4%, meaning you can obtain a better deal when investing. As banks fight for business, increasingly attractive deals are becoming available.

Better deals on buy-to-let mortgages will also appear, which will help you expand your portfolio and increase your rental income. With lower interest payments, a larger proportion of your rental income can be distributed towards property maintenance and upgrades to increase the value of your existing properties and enhance the overall profitability of your portfolio. You also have the option of refinancing your existing mortgages at the new interest rates, reducing your overall borrowing costs for the entire duration of the mortgage.

There is plenty of choice for landlords

Now is an opportune time to search for new properties to invest in, as there is currently a high volume of properties on the market. On Boxing Day 2023, over 10,000 new properties were listed on the market, which according to Rightmove is the largest number of new listings in a single day since 2011. With an abundance of properties to choose from, you can select those that align with your investment goals, budget, and target market.
This high supply of properties will allow you to diversify your portfolio and spread your investments across several types of properties. For example, you may decide to buy a larger property and convert it into a Home for Multiple Occupancy (HMO), which often produces higher rental yields than regular lettings.

How an estate agent can help you as a landlord

If you’re looking for properties to invest in, an experienced estate agent will conduct a thorough market analysis to understand the trends and dynamics affecting property prices in your area. This knowledge will allow you to set the right rental price, maximising your rental income while remaining competitive in the market.

Additionally, an estate agent will identify strong investment opportunities and negotiate a competitive price for any properties you may be interested in, maximising your return on investment.

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Posted on: 28 February 2024


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