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How to add value to your home

Spending money to improve your property could mean a greater return in the long run, but it is important to make the right choices, on what to spend on. DABORACONWAY Estate Agents have gathered a few useful tips to ensure you don't overspend and that the changes are impactful and necessary. 

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A new kitchen or bathroom 

A new bathroom can add up to 5% to the value of your house. While a new kitchen can add up to 15%. Do the math, and see what you can reasonable spend. Then, enjoy the quality of new tiles, colours, materials and cabinets, with a new space-altering layout. Most families do prefer an open-plan kitchen, it's really worth considering the layout and the overall space. 

Loft conversions 

A loft conversion can add between 10 and 20% to the value of your home, but be warned, this is not an easy task. Converting a loft is a big expensive job, you would first need to check if you can convert your loft, beam heights are critical here, so you would need to get a reputable builder to give a good appraisal. A garage or cellar may be a cheaper option for you. 

Garden and outdoor 

The outside of your property can really make a difference. A great garden, that is tidy, well looked after is more appealing to all families and house buyers if you are selling. A few shrubs and trees with a patio or decking can be enough, but do not spend thousands. A recent study by the Post Office found that spending approximately £2,700 in total on landscaping can reap huge benefits to the total value of your house. It perhaps doesn't add as big a number as some home improvements, but it is still worth it for the curb appeal. 

Energy efficiency 

A new heating system is not a massive investment and will save money on energy bills and easily add more than the cost of replacing the system, without putting potential home buyers off with the prospect of replacing the boiler. All home owners are expected to provide an energy performance certificate (EPC) when selling their home. So, anything that will make your home more energy efficient or save the new buyers money will make it more attractive to buy. Repairing or changing windows is an excellent investment, along with maximising on insulation for your walls or loft. 

What other easy home improvements add value? 

Before you put your house on the market with DABORACONWAY Estate Agents, think about other small and quick ways you could improve your home before selling: 

  • Redecorate, pick out neutral colours.   
  • Do some DIY, fix anything broken 
  • Front door, wash it, paint it, whatever it takes to give it a new lease of life. 
  • Declutter, have a clean and tidy house. 
  • Heating and lighting, improve or replace the fittings. 
  • Flooring, if wooden, sand down and varnish. Repair squeaky floorboards. 
  • Fix any damp problems, this would come up on a house survey, get a professional if needed. 

Get a house valuation today! 

If you have made some home improvements since your last valuation why not request a house valuation today! Find out how much your house is worth. 

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Posted on: 3 February 2023


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