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Move in before Christmas

Once the clocks change in October time will seem like it is literally passing by so quickly towards Christmas. And, if you are looking forward to an exciting future with moving house in 2024, and getting settled into your new home before it arrives, then rest assured - there’s still time to complete your house sale.

A great time to move is wintertime

The housing market, like the weather, tends to cool a little at this time of year. This creates opportunities. Firstly, you may have a little less competition when it’s time to view and make an offer on a property. And when it comes to deciding on that offer, you will have more room for price negotiation. Buying a home is an emotional experience for so many reasons, and there are few things more uncomfortable than having an abundance of competition forcing you to make big decisions in a short space of time. Saving money on your move is refreshing. It's even better when you can avoid the summer heat and move your furniture in milder weather.

Your garden will be less demanding

Your garden will be in full bloom during the summer months, but as winter approaches, it will most likely need less attention. This gives you more time to concentrate on the task at hand. It's crucial to make your garden appealing to potential buyers, as it adds to the overall attractiveness of your home. The sooner you get in touch with your nearest Estate agent to take great pictures of your garden while it’s looking good, the better.

Christmas in your new home

Moving takes time. And it’s always a good idea to plan every step as much as you can. It makes the entire process less stressful and helps eliminate any unforeseen surprises. Moving in time for Christmas is an achievable goal and adds massively to the excitement of the season. The sooner you are organised, the better. Creating long-lasting memories in your new home, what a magical beginning to the opening chapter of your new home.

What is the average timeline of buying a home?

Typically it can take anything up to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the property sale. There will be some things that could hold up the sale, such as conveyancing, house surveys and reports, and mortgage agreements. Generally if you have everything in order prior to a sale the process will be quicker.

Get prepared with a good Estate Agent

The role of Estate Agents is becoming more imperative than ever before. The valuation process is more complex and demands local market knowledge. The fragmented property market makes every property almost as individual as the people purchasing it. Additional considerations include: Why are you buying the property? How long do you want to own it? How best to finance your property goals?

Why instruct an Estate Agent to help sell fast?

Marketing your property by yourself is a challenging task, the task of the Estate Agent is to achieve the right selling price in the desired time frame. Estate Agents have access to a vast database that they use to match homes with their reliable new owners. Additionally, having an agent rather than a private sale or an online agent will provide the peace of mind of a knowledgeable person on your side to answer all your questions. It’s easy to see the importance of working with a reliable Estate Agent.

Get your property valued today and discover how much your property is worth. 


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Posted on: 9 October 2023


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