Tenants Guide

Q1: How do I Find a property?

A: The first step is to contact us to provide details about yourself and about the type of accommodation you require. We then search our database for suitable properties for you to view. We register your details so that we can contact you as suitable properties become available. It is wise to start looking about a month before you wish to move, as the more attractive properties are viewed and reserved quickly. Our tenancies are granted for a minimum term of 6 months.

Q2: How do I arrange Viewings?

A: Viewings will be arranged at times to suit you and will be accompanied by a member of staff, who can give advice and answer any questions you may have.

Q3: How do I Reserve the property?

A: Once you have decided on a property, you will need to apply for it and pay a reference and reservation fee. If the landlord declines to grant the tenancy the reservation fee will be refunded. However, the reference charge(s) would have already been incurred and cannot be refunded. A copy of the referencing report(s) can be provided upon request. 

If you decide not to proceed for any reason, or if you fail to provide accurate information in your application and you are rejected for the tenancy the reservation fee will not be refunded.

We use the services of an independent company to process your reference(s) and upon receipt of satisfactory results you will be able to rent the property. The referencing company will undertake a credit check(s), obtain references from your employer and your previous or current landlord or agent. Sometimes a guarantor will be recommended and you will be informed if this is required.

Q4: How are Rents Paid?

A: Rents are quoted per calendar monthly and paid monthly in advance. The tenant is usually also responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas, Electricity and Telephone costs.

All rents are payable via a bank standing order from one designated account to DABORACONWAY's account if we are managing the property or to our client's bank account if we are not managing the property. Rent must be paid 5 days in advance of the rent due date, to allow for clearance.

Should you experience any financial problems during the course of the tenancy it is essential that you contact DABORACONWAY or your Landlord immediately.

Q5: Deposit?

A: A deposit of one month's rent must be paid and will be held throughout the tenancy term and will be registered with “my deposits” which is a government-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. This is held to cover damage, breakages and any other liabilities under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Please note that under no circumstances can the deposit be used by the tenant to cover rent. Please also note that a landlord may request a figure higher than one month's rent as a deposit. 

Q6: What Is an Inventory and Schedule of Condition?

A: An Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property will normally have been prepared, which includes: contents, furniture, fittings and effects etc... This  will be checked and agreed with you at the commencement of your tenancy.

It is important that you take care when agreeing the Inventory and Schedule of Condition at this stage as it will form the basis of any claim for damages by your landlord at the end of the tenancy when the Inventory and Schedule of Condition will be checked again.

Q7: What are a Tenant's Obligations?

A: You should be aware that responsibility for the property rests with the tenant as set out in the Tenancy Agreement. It is particularly important that any gas, electrical or water related damage is reported immediately and the property is fully secured when you leave it unattended at any time.

During the winter months, necessary steps must be taken to prevent the freezing of the water and heating systems. In leasehold properties, mainly flats and maisonettes, the tenant will be bound by the rules and regulations affecting all residents within the block contained in the head lease. Failure to advise the landlord or his agent of any defects will be seen as neglect and the liability will be that of the tenant.

Q8: What fees do I pay?

A: One tenant moving into a property = £312.00 (inc.VAT)

This covers referencing one tenant (identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers / landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability) as well as contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement.

Each additional tenant moving into a property will be charged a further £132.00 (inc.VAT) per tenant

If a guarantor is required this will be charged at £72.00 (inc.VAT) per guarantor

The above fees cover all administration and reference charges.

Renewal Fee (per property)                                     £72.00 (inc.VAT)

Rent must be made by a single standing order payment each month. Due to the extra processing time involved, individual rent payments by any other method will be subject to an administration charge of £36.00 (inc.VAT) for each payment. Rent payments made by cheque which fail to clear by the rent due date will be deemed to be late and an administration charge of £42.00 (inc.VAT) will be levied.

It is our policy to recommend legal action to landlords should your rent be more than fourteen days late.


If your rent remains unpaid for seven days a first reminder will be sent with a charge of £42.00 (inc.VAT).

If your rent remains unpaid for fourteen days a second reminder will be sent with a further charge of £42.00 (inc.VAT).

Further reminders may follow at the same seven day intervals thereafter and will be charged at the same rate.


If during the term of your tenancy you lose or damage beyond use any key(s) &/or fob(s) the following charges will apply for replacements and locks if necessary:

Yale key - £5.00 (inc.VAT) per item. UPVC door key - £8.00 (inc.VAT) per item.

Mortise key - £10.00 (inc.VAT) per item. Security key - £15.00 - £60.00 (inc.VAT) per item dependant on type and manufacturers costs.

New lock £230.00 (inc.VAT) per item. Fob/electronic key - £15.00 - £60.00 (inc.VAT) per item.

An additional fee will be incurred if the work is undertaken outside of normal office hours.

If you require the use of keys held by DaBora Conway a deposit of £20.00 will be required. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the key(s).  Failure to return the key(s) in the condition issued will default the deposit and result in the above charges for replacement being applied.


These remain the property of DaBora Conway and are erected with the full agreement of the Landlord. You will be charged £42.00 (inc.VAT) in the event that they are removed by you without our authority. DaBora Conway reserves the right to erect a board on the renewal of the tenancy.

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