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What adds value to a home?

When it comes to selling your home, there are a variety of factors that can impact its value. It’s important to understand these factors so that you can make changes to maximise your home’s value, so let’s take a look at what could affect the offers you receive.

How does location affect property value?

One of the most significant factors that can impact the value of your home is its location. Homes located in desirable areas like Wanstead, with good schools, amenities, and low crime rates are typically more valuable than those in less desirable areas. Additionally, being situated near major cities, public transport links, and recreational facilities can also have a significant impact on the value of your home.

The property’s condition

The condition of your home is another crucial factor that can influence its value. A well-maintained property will generally command a higher price than one that is in need of significant repairs. It's essential to take care of any maintenance issues, such as leaky roofs, faulty plumbing, or outdated electrical systems before putting your home on the market.

The importance of property size

The size of a property is one of the first things that potential buyers will consider when looking at a potential new home. A larger property generally means more space for living, storage, and outdoor activities, which can be appealing to buyers with families or those looking for room to grow, and therefore often commands a higher price. On the other hand, smaller properties may be more affordable to first-time buyers or those looking to downsize.

How property layout affects value

The layout of a property can also have a significant impact on its sale value, as a well-designed layout that maximises space, flow, and functionality can make a property more attractive to potential buyers. Features such as open floor plans, modern kitchens, and large master bedrooms are often sought-after and can help increase a property's desirability and value. Outdated or impractical layouts may deter buyers and lead to lower offers.

Home improvements and attractive property features

Modern amenities such as stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and granite countertops are desirable to many buyers and can help increase the value of your property. Other features, such as a swimming pool, fireplace, or outdoor living space, can also set your home apart from the competition and attract more buyers.

Kerb appeal

As first impressions are key, the exterior appearance of a property can significantly impact its sale value. By making simple improvements to the external appearance of your home, such as painting doors and windows and creating an attractive front garden, you can attract more buyers, generate greater interest, and ultimately sell your property at a higher price.

Property market conditions

Property market conditions can also impact the value of your home, as changing levels of supply and demand alongside tweaks to interest rates can influence how much buyers are willing to pay for a property. A trusted estate agent can help you stay up-to-date with the market conditions in your area when selling your home.

Get an expert home valuation

A local high street Estate Agent with knowledge of your area offers by far the best way to find out the most accurate price for your home. If you have a home in North London, East London or Essex that you are looking to sell, request a property valuation today with DABORACONWAY.

Posted on: 24 May 2024


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